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I’m a born and raised Calgarian who started out with a childhood passion for architecture and building things. As I grew up, I found my career veered down a different path. I worked for Westjet as an infant company in the early 2000’s as front line customer service agent helping to build loyalty with Westjet’s guests. This was a remarkable experience teaching me what it meant to build a loyal following based on genuinely caring about people. However, being raised in the epicenter of the Canadian Energy Industry and having a Father who worked for Air Canada at the time, I was told to get further educated so I enrolled in SAIT’s Mechanical Engineering Program and have spent the last 16 years of navigating small to large multi-national corporations, where I’ve held technical, operational, project management, implementation, and risk-based roles.

Throughout the first 2 years of my energy sector career, I discovered the entrepreneurial drive that led me into flipping homes, starting a landscaping business, holding rental properties, doing custom home design and DIY Renovations.

In 2014 I decided to acquire my real estate license to help my clientele with their real estate endeavors through a combination of my broad experiences and through 15 of my own real estate transactions that have taught me firsthand the “do’s and don’ts” of real estate. Trained and seasoned in strategy, negotiations, selling and creative problem solving, I take a bespoke approach to best serving clientele’s needs. I’m a firm believer in sharing of knowledge to help others. In 2018 I decided to partner with Michael Ilie-Haynes to bring Haynes Riley Group to life. A real estate team founded on giving consumers the experience they deserve, and setting the new standard for the expectations buyers and sellers should have when dealing with their agent.

Away from the office, you will find me with my family and friends enjoying Alberta’s lifestyles and many amenities. I’m a husband and proud father of three children and spend most of my spare time with family taking in hockey, dance, and travel.